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Welcome to My Photography World

Hello all, my name is Clarissa and I am the owner of Film Free Photography; a freelance headshot, portrait and event photography business. I have always had an interest in photography, it's a passion that was instilled in me by my father and grandfather from a young age, I started Film Free Photography in 2014 as a way to market my photography services and sell my images. In the past 8 years it has evolved into what you see today.

What to Expect

No two days are the same and I am often running from studio work to a live gig so I decided to start this blog to give you an insight into my random world. I aim to show you behind the scenes shots of photo shoots, break downs of lighting set ups, client advice, customer spotlights and reviews.

Thank You

Welcome again and thank you for stopping by. Please leave comments as I love your interaction and feedback.

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