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Value for Money

Why is there an assumption that the more you pay for photography the better it will be? When it comes to headshots I am frequently overlooked in favour of a photographer with a London address or a higher price. Despite the fact that the package prices being offered by London studios being 4 or more times what I charge and deliver less in terms of product, there is no guarantee that if an actor pays more for their headshots they will be more likely to get the part. I'm not saying that these photographers aren't good but they are not 4x better.

Casting agents neither know nor care who took the photo you present to them. Provided they fit into their guidelines, are of a high standard and accurately represent the person in them then they are happy. From there it's dow

n to whether the actor fits the part and how they will fit into the rest of the cast. They have never been swayed by being told that one headshot cost £250 more than another.

The only reason that these studios cost more is because they know they can get away with it. Yes they may have higher overheads but in terms of the cost of the product to the photographer there is very little difference. I am fully aware that my studio doesn't have a trendy Hackney postcode but no one would know that by looking at the photos I produce. I price my packages to be affordable to clients and I hope that the quality of my work speaks for itself; making me great value for money in these difficult times.

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