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Will there be a pre-session consultation?
Ideally we should
have a short discussion about your session beforehand, this can be done as a face-to-face chat, phone conversation or simple written communication.  This will help you to plan what to wear, discuss what sort of looks you want captured, decide what backdrops you would like and outline whether you need just headshots or some full-length portraits as well.

When should I arrive for my session?
Arrive at the arranged time, there is no need to arrive any earlier than planned as time to chat and get ready is already accommodated into the session. 

What should I wear?

Casting agents guidelines suggest plain, dull coloured tops.  Wear something comfortable and something that you like and feel confident wearing.  Avoid busy patterns, fussy necklines and don't wear anything that shows too much flesh (bare shoulders or arms will draw attention away from the face), and unless you are a dancer, avoid crop tops.  Think about the types of roles you are most likely to be cast in, or really want to get, and tailor your headshots accordingly.  Make sure your headshot aligns with your brand.  Remember that this is a headshot not a fashion shoot.  

Personally I would say that dark colours work best, white can be a hard colour to photograph as it tends to draw too much attention, and don't wear anything too seasonal.  Please download our Headshots Handbook for further information.


How many outfits should I bring? 
The time usually allows for 3 - 4 wardrobe changes but bring more.  Have a selection of clothes you can layer, it's always better to have too many choices than not enough.  Also think about the sort of roles you want and bring clothes (and small props if you wish) that would suit that character.  If you are just having headshots then these only need to be a variety of tops however if you have requested some full-length shots as well, then you will need to consider your lower half as well as shoes.  If you are unsure what would work best you can always discuss it with us beforehand or bring more options on the day.

Should I bring anything else with me?
Male or female it is a good idea to bring a few grooming items with you; a brush or comb, face powder and a lip salve.  It is good to have photographs with a variety of looks, so if you plan to change your hair, make up or shave your facial hair during the session then you will need to bring the relevant items for that as well.

Can I bring someone with me to my session?

Unless the client is a minor I wouldn't recommend it.  Other people in the studio can be distracting and make you feel self-conscious.  I discourage bringing children with you to your session; the studio space is quite small and there is a lot of potentially dangerous and expensive equipment.  If you want to bring someone with you please discuss it with me beforehand.

Please note that no one is allowed to take phone pictures during the session.

Do I get to choose which images I get?
Absolutely.  All the proofs from the shoot will be uploaded to a private online gallery where you can select your images.  These proofs will be unedited, straight out of the camera.  Once you have made your selection those images will be professionally retouched.  When the images are finished they will be made available to download from the same gallery.  Your package will include a set number of digital images but if you want to choose more these will be charged individually at £15 each.

How long after the shoot will I be able to view the images?

Proofs will be uploaded to the secure gallery and you will be informed of the relevant link and password within 3 working days.  After you have selected your images, and let us know which ones they are, you will receive your final edited images within another 5 working days.

Can I have the unedited RAW photos?

Unfortunately not.  The quality of the photographs I deliver to my clients is extremely important to me; they represent my brand as much as they represent you.  You are not permitted to share any proof or unpurchased images on social media.

How long will the photos remain in the private gallery?

All online galleries expire 6 weeks from the date of the shoot, if this needs to be longer then an extension can be arranged.  All photos will remain on file for 1 year from your shoot date.  After this date, any unedited photos will be deleted.

How much editing will be done?
Lighting, colour correction and removal of any extraneous items will be done as standard.  If you require your shots to conform to casting guidelines then the facial retouching will be very subtle.  Any temporary blemishes (such as spots) will be removed and the appearance of any permanent marks on the skin (lines, scars, moles etc) will be softened.  Editing requirements will be discussed at your session.


What size and quality will the images be?
All the images will be high quality and cropped to the industry standard of 10” x 8” inches.  
This will apply to downloads or printed items.  The secure gallery will give you access to my printing partner, Loxley Colour, who will allow you to select whether to have your images printed, in colour or black and white, on high quality photographic paper.  Please note: in the UK colour prints are preferred by casting directors, although not required; whereas colour images are essential if applying to the USA.

Can I get my photos printed elsewhere?
If you would prefer you can simply download the images to your computer and arrange for your own printing.  However our printing partner, Loxley Colour, is very professional, competitively priced and quick with their delivery times.  All digital downloads will be in full colour unless specifically requested.

What happens if I need to cancel my session?

If you need to cancel your session please inform us as soon as possible.  We can be contacted via email, phone or text (a mobile number will have been included on your contract).  Unfortunately we can not refund your deposit once the session has been officially booked.  If no deposit has been taken (if the Photographer has agreed to invoice in full after the event) a payment of 50% of the original total will be invoiced.

If we have to reschedule your session, you will be informed as soon as possible (this is why we take your mobile number).  We will then endeavour to find a suitable replacement date at no addition cost.  If no suitable replacement can be found any monies paid will be refunded without question. 


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