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If you'd like to leave me some feedback please write me a GOOGLE REVIEW 

Tuppence A'Bag
a Tuppence A'Bag - Film Free Photography - 275_edited.jpg

"Clarissa created a safe and comfortable environment. I’d highly recommend - I’ll be back again!"

Quite Good Theatre Company
a Electric Dreams - Film Free Photography - 090.jpeg

"They're all gorgeous.  You capture people so well.  We're so lucky to know and work with you."

Natalie Lucas
a Natalie Lucas - Film Free Photography - 217.jpg

"I had a fantastic photo shoot.  If you're looking for a professional, fun photographer, Clarissa is your girl."

Natasha Davis
a Xmas PJs - Natasha Davis - Film Free Photography - 041.jpg

"Our family Christmas shoot with three energetic under 4s was absolutely fantastic.  Incredible photos."

Janet Rogan
a Janet Rogan - Film Free Photography - 044.jpeg

"Thanks so much for making the photoshoot really easy and fun."

Cassandra Haswell
a Cassandra Haswell - Film Free Photography - 035.jpg

"Amazing queer inclusive photographer.  I cannot recommend more."

Julia & Heather
a Julia & Heather - Film Free Photography - 084.jpg

"Clarissa is very friendly and professional. Everyone has loved looking at the photos. Thanks again"

Kiwi CIC
The Ironworks - Film Free Photography - 059.jpg

"Thank you - you are just fabulous.  By far the best photographer in the city x"

Matthew Nyarambi
Matthew Nyarambi - SEC -  Film Free Photography - 001.jpg

"Absolutely amazing!!! Amazing service!!!  Thank you so much!!!"

Video Geeks
a Video Geeks - Craig David In The Park - Film Free Photography - 013.jpg

"Superb photos and great communication!  A pleasure to work with!"

Janet Rook
aa Jan Rook - Film Free Photography - 08

"Thank you so much for the wonderfully relaxed photo session.  It was so difficult to choose.  Recommend."

Maverick & His Hired Guns
Maverick & His Hired Guns - Film Free Ph

"This lady is awesome!"

Shyanne O'Shea
Shyanne (Ice Queen) - Clarissa Debenham

"You've been with me for years, helping me grow and making me look fabulous in images.  Thank you so much x"

Tim Fletcher
2021-08-16 08.50.07.jpg

"Your pictures of me are the only ones I've ever liked."

Joker Comedy Club
SCF - Joker Two - Film Free Photography

"As always, a big thanks to Clarissa at Film Free Photography for producing such great shots."

Minnie Bar
Clarissa Debenham Photography - Minnie B

"Fabulous photographer.  I love my headshots, fully recommend."

The Laughter Academy
Laughter Academy 2 - Sands - Film Free P

"Clarissa has the exceptional skill of taking great photos without intruding on the evening at all.  She is a photo ninja!"

Lula Daniel
b Lula Daniel - Film Free Photography - 037.jpg

"Clarissa did my daughter's headshots.  She made us feel comfortable and got the best out of her.  She can’t wait for her next shoot now" Reis (Dad)

Estella Safella
a Estella Safella - Film Free Photography - 132.jpg

Clarissa has made my life so hard choosing which pictures I LOVE! Would definitely book yourself in for yours!

Myra Dubois
a Myra Dubois - Film Free Photography - 064.jpg

"Some GORGEOUS shots avec MOI dans Southend Theatres."

USP College
a USP A Level Results - Film Free Photography - 019.jpeg

"These photos are priceless."

Isobel Wood
a Isobel Wood - Film Free Photography - 110.jpg

"Our daughter felt very comfortable and she really enjoyed the experience.  You've made the task of choosing very difficult!"

Biosystems Events
a Graham's 50th - Film Free Photography - 086.jpeg

"My client was over the moon with the photos.

His 50th birthday memories were perfectly captured!"

Ru Lawrence
Ru Lawrence - Film Free Photography - 110.jpg

"Thank you so much for some new gorgeous shots.  I was so comfortable and welcomed into your space."

Auction House
Auction House - Film Free Photography - 192.jpg

"The whole process was fun and comfortable.  We gained a contact we trust and most definitely recommend."

Adam Brucass
Hollow County - Chinnerys - Film Free Photography - 040 sml.jpg

"No one else's photos make me look this good on stage."

Casey Hyams

"I love them!  The photos are so clear and fresh looking.  100% recommend!"

Ruby Violet
Ruby & Saffron - Film Free Photography - 124.jpg

"Thank you for making me look so glam."

Saffron Slayter
Ruby & Saffron - Film Free Photography - 315_edited.jpg

"Living my full Wicked Stepmother fantasy.  Thank you so much for making me look gorge."

Faux Fighters UK
FFUK - CAC - Film Free Photography - 015

"The photos are fantastic.  Made a bunch of ropey dudes into something worth looking at.  Thank you so much."


"These photographs are beautiful.  Thank you so much!!! XXX"

The Last Resort Charity Concert
Film Free Photography - Last Resort - Ab

"Always reliably fantastic. Love your work!"

Ross McGrane
SCF - Little Smash - Film Free Photograp

"I just wanted to say how incredibly talented I think you are!  The photos are bloody amazing!"


"A very gifted photographer"

Ben Middleton
a Ben Middleton - Film Free Photography - 193.jpg

"I asked Clarissa for help with my LinkedIn profile.  She produced a great solution in exactly the right size and it now looks incredible."

Zoe Park
a Zoe Park - Film Free Photography - 040_1.jpg

"What a shot you've captured.  Everyone's got this on their Christmas cards this year :)"

Jamie Wheatland
a Jamie Wheatland - Film Free Photography - 117.jpg

"I absolutely love my photos.  I can't wait for our next session in the future."

Troy Hawke
a Troy Hawke - Sigmund Troy'd - Film Free Photography - 017.jpeg

"Love the pics! x

We'd like to use one for a tour poster."

Story of Guitar Heroes
Story of Guitar Heroes - Feb 20 - Film Free Photography - 066 sml.jpg

"I honestly can't recommend Film Free Photography enough. My most favourite images, captured to perfection."

Paloma Faith
Paloma Faith - Film Free Photography - 002.jpg

"Paloma really loves the photos you took of her."


(via Paloma's social media manager)

Sheila Lord
a Arizona Rocks - Film Free Photography - 022.jpeg

"Your photography is great and you're so easy to work with :) xx"

Oasis Only
Oasis Only - The Cricketers -  Film Free Photography - 035.jpg

"Absolutely awesome photos."

Leigh Folk Arts
Garden Gatherings - 04-09-21 - Film Free Photography - 085.jpg

"You are a real superstar!  A talented so and so!!"

Elevator Arts CIC
Elevator Arts 1 - Film Free Photography - 008 web.jpg

"Clarissa is an absolute professional and was very accommodating and flexible to our needs."

Joanne Seymour
a Joanne Seymour - Nov 22 -  Film Free Photography - 100.jpg

"Thanks to Clarissa for my new headshots.  She is FAB."

Katie B
Katie Blackwell - Film Free Photography - 143.jpg

"Clarissa is such an amazing person who will put you at ease.  I really enjoyed working with her."

Matt Linnen

"5 Stars.

You're so talented."

Blown Fuse Theatre Company
Blown Fuse - Clarissa Debenham Photograp

"The photos are fab and we are so pleased."

The Old Regent Ballroom
Fabulush - The Old Regent - Film Free Ph

"I wish Clarissa could be here every weekend!  Amazing pictures!"

Watson Moore Financial Advisers
Watson Moore 10-12-20 - Film Free Photog

"Clarissa took the time to understand our requirements and produced some excellent work.  Thank you."

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