Paloma Faith
Paloma Faith - Film Free Photography - 012a.jpg

"Paloma really loves the photos you took of her."


(via Paloma's social media manager)

Oasis Only
Oasis Only - The Cricketers -  Film Free Photography - 035.jpg

"Absolutely awesome photos."

John Mann
a Joker - 29-10-21 - Film Free Photography - 001.jpg

"You are a very gifted photographer.  Thank you so much."

Leigh Folk Arts
Garden Gatherings - 04-09-21 - Film Free Photography - 085.jpg

"You are a real superstar!  A talented so and so!!"

Casey Hyams

"I love them!  The photos are so clear and fresh looking.  100% recommend!"

Ruby Violet
Ruby & Saffron - Film Free Photography - 124.jpg

"Thank you for making me look so glam."

Joanne Seymour
Joanne Seymour (Studio 15-04-21) - Film

"Thanks to Clarissa for my new headshots.  She is FAB."

Katie B
Katie Blackwell - Film Free Photography

"Clarissa is such an amazing person who will put you at ease.  I really enjoyed working with her."

Matt Linnen

"5 Stars.

You're so talented."

Blown Fuse Theatre Company
Blown Fuse - Clarissa Debenham Photograp

"The photos are fab and we are so pleased."

The Old Regent Ballroom
Fabulush - The Old Regent - Film Free Ph

"I wish Clarissa could be here every weekend!  Amazing pictures!"

Watson Moore Financial Advisers
Watson Moore 10-12-20 - Film Free Photog

"Clarissa took the time to understand our requirements and produced some excellent work.  Thank you."

Kiwi CIC
The Ironworks - Film Free Photography - 059.jpg

"Thank you - you are just fabulous.  Our best photographer x"

Adam Brucass
Hollow County - Chinnerys - Film Free Photography - 040 sml.jpg

"No one else's photos make me look this good on stage."

Lauren Staerck
Lauren Staerck - Film Free Photography - 021.jpg

"I absolutely LOVE these shots!!  Thank you so much :)"

Declan Wright
Declan Wright - Film Free Photography - 112.jpg

"OMG they're amazing!  You made me feel so welcome and comfortable.  Thank you."

Elevator Arts CIC
Elevator Arts 1 - Film Free Photography - 008 web.jpg

"Clarissa is an absolute professional and was very accommodating and flexible to our needs."

Reis Daniel
Reis Daniel (Studio 30-04-21) - Film Fre

"Yass queen!

You smashed it out of the park!"

Maverick & His Hired Guns
Maverick & His Hired Guns - Film Free Ph

"This lady is awesome!"

Shyanne O'Shea
Shyanne (Ice Queen) - Clarissa Debenham

"You've been with me for years, helping me grow and making me look fabulous in images.  Thank you so much x"

Tim Fletcher
2021-08-16 08.50.07.jpg

"Your pictures of me are the only ones I've ever liked."

Joker Comedy Club
SCF - Joker Two - Film Free Photography

"As always, a big thanks to Clarissa at Film Free Photography for producing such great shots."

Minnie Bar
Clarissa Debenham Photography - Minnie B

"Fabulous photographer.  I love my headshots, fully recommend."

The Laughter Academy
Laughter Academy 2 - Sands - Film Free P

"Clarissa has the exceptional skill of taking great photos without intruding on the evening at all.  She is a photo ninja!"

Andrei Apetroaei
Andrei Apetroeai - Film Free Photography - 078.jpg

"High quality service and great experience.  Thank you!

5 Stars"

Jamie Boyd-Ratcliff
Jamie Boyd-Ratcliff -  Film Free Photography - 023.jpg

"Awesome work!  You've perfectly captured my natural handsomeness."

Jon Wennington
Jon Wennington - Film Free Photography - 044.jpg

"Top quality photos at a bargain price."

Video Geeks
a Video Geeks - Craig David In The Park - Film Free Photography - 013.jpg

"Superb photos and great communication!  A pleasure to work with!"

Janet Rook
aa Jan Rook - Film Free Photography - 08

"Thank you so much for the wonderfully relaxed photo session.  It was so difficult to choose.  Recommend."

The Story of Guitar Heroes
Story of Guitar Heroes - Feb 20 - Film F

"Your photos are amazing!  We'd love to have more."

Saffron Slayter
Ruby & Saffron - Film Free Photography - 315_edited.jpg

"Living my full Wicked Stepmother fantasy.  Thank you so much for making me look gorge."

Faux Fighters UK
FFUK - CAC - Film Free Photography - 015

"The photos are fantastic.  Made a bunch of ropey dudes into something worth looking at.  Thank you so much."


"These photographs are beautiful.  Thank you so much!!! XXX"

The Last Resort Charity Concert
Film Free Photography - Last Resort - Ab

"Always reliably fantastic. Love your work!"

Ross McGrane
SCF - Little Smash - Film Free Photograp

"I just wanted to say how incredibly talented I think you are!  The photos are bloody amazing!"


"A very gifted photographer"

I've tried to get a selfie with everyone I've worked with.  It hasn't always worked, and mainly I've forgotten, but what there is always brings back great memories and reminds me of what an amazing bunch of talented people I've had the pleasure to meet.  Here's what I have so far.

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