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Tuppence A'Bag
Ninia Benjamin
Songs for a New World Cast
Mark Simmons & Danny Ward
West End New Friends
Sam Ryder
Ruby Violet & Saffron Slayter
Rich Wilson
Jordan Gray
Pam Ford
Dinesh Nathan
Team Nails
Cheryl Hole
Tia Kofi
Estella Safella
Scarlett Vigilante
Kenzie Blackheart
Tracey Paper
Sirena Hart
Saffron Slayter
Barbra the Barber
Troy Hawke
Story of Guitar Heroes '23
The Dualers
Ashley Banjo
Myra Dubois
Ross & John (Radio Essex)
Shyanne O'Shea & Luna Cortez
Niall Ashdown & Lee Tearrell
Kenzie Blackheart
The Disney Princesses (Sparkle & Dream)
Haus of Vigilante
Gary Delaney
Ross, Ashley & Matt (Balls Out Comedy)
Estella Safella
Matt Gardiner
Jo & Kitty (Fabulush Cabaret)
Story of Guitar Heroes '20
Rock for Heroes
Faux Fighters UK
Terry Alderton
Shyanne O'Shea & Miss Minnie Bar
Paul Finch
Aunty Ginger
VG Press Team 2019
Jayde Adams
Rich Wilson
Braintree Comedy Club
Cantare Choir
Fabulush Cabaret
Lee & John (Laughter Academy)
Blink 82
Bertie Scott
The Black Charade
Fell Out Boy
Feel The Steel
Guns 2 Roses
Shyanne O'Shea
Hollow County
LJ Howard
Maple Audio
Ross & Matt
Jon Bovi
Blink 82
Russell Kane
Matt Linnen
Faux Fighters UK

All images on this website are the exclusive property of Film Free Photography by Clarissa Debenham and may not be reproduced, copied, stored, downloaded or altered in any way without permission.  If you are interested in my photography please get in touch.

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