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The Importance of Comp Cards / Z-Cards

These days it's important to stand out from the crowd. If you are an actor, supporting actor or model a Comp Card (also known as a Z-Card) is a great way to showcase more of your range than a single headshot.

Please note: This single-sided sample has been mocked up using images from several clients, a genuine Comp Card would showcase multiple images of a single person.

These A5 cards are a cross between a large business card and a mini portfolio. Where as a headshot is a single image, a typical comp card will usually contain 4 -5 images showing a range of looks and compositions. A mix of head and body shots showcasing your overall physique alongside your stats and contact information.

At Film Free Photography we can design single or double-sided Comp Cards from your selected session images. Before your session we can discuss what sort of images you would like included and incorporate these looks/compositions into your shoot.

The front and back views of a sample double-sided Comp Card.

Our Comp Cards are printed on Premium Recycled card stock, if you want to add a Comp Card to your headshot session please get in touch to discuss options.

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