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Preparing for Your Headshot Session

People choose to get professional headshots for a wide range of reasons; including actors and performers using them for self promotion, businesses using photos of their staff on advertising, websites and communications, and improving social media profiles (especially LinkedIn and job search sites). Regardless of your reasons it is important to be prepared for your session.

Pre-session Consultation

Once you have booked your session with me you will receive an FAQ sheet outlining advice about preparing for your session, what to expect during the shoot, and what will happen afterwards. I will also schedule time with you to discuss your shoot; this could be in person, on the phone or just through email. In order to get the images you want I need to know things like; how will you be using the images, what do you want the images to 'say', do they need to conform to an existing style etc. If you can show me a mood board or examples of what you want, this is also enormously helpful. We will also discuss what to wear, what backdrop colours to use and what poses you would like.

What to Wear

I have known clients arrive in the single outfit they want to wear while others arrive with their whole wardrobe stuffed into a suitcase. Ideally by the time of the session we will have discussed ideas for clothes; what you wear will depend on your reasons for having headshots taken.

  • Actors - if you are having shots taken for a casting agent then the rules are quite strict. Bring a variety of 4 or 5 plain coloured tops; stay away from very bright colours, bold patterns, fussy necklines and prominent logos. If you have requested some full length shots as part of your session then a change of bottoms will also help. Make sure everything you bring fits well, is clean and ironed. And don't forget the shoes!

  • Business - if you are having photos taken for an existing job then put on your normal work wear, if you are hoping to give your career a boost then dress for the next step up, and if you are embarking on a new career then dress for your ideal job. Don't go over the top but look smart, tidy and keen.

  • Performer Promos - images for posters, flyers and self promotion do not need to conform to any rules so we can have lots of fun. Bring your performance outfits or wear things that suit your on-stage style and personality.

I am more than happy to consult with you about what to wear if you need help.

On the Day

Arrive at the arranged time, there is no need to arrive any earlier than planned as time to chat and get ready is already accommodated into the session.

Bring your chosen outfits, and maybe a couple of spares just in case. Male or female it is a good idea to bring a few grooming items with you; a brush or comb, face powder and a lip salve. If you plan to change your hair, make up or facial hair during the session then you will need to bring the relevant items for that as well.

An hour's session will allow time for 3/4 outfit and backdrop changes. Combinations of looks are always discussed and agreed together.

What Happens Next?

Within 5 working days after your session all the proof images will be uploaded to a private online gallery, and the link and password emailed directly to you. It is up to you if you choose to share this link with anyone else to help you choose your images. The number of images included in your package will vary, you are welcome to choose more but these will cost extra.

Once you have made your selections I will start the editing process. If you are a first time client, or you have any particular editing requests, I will send you progress reports as I work through your images. Your final edits will be ready to be downloaded up to 5 working days after that. If your headshots need to conform to UK casting guidelines the images will be cropped to the standard 8 x 10 format, other images will be cropped according to the clients requirements. All images will be delivered in full colour and hi-resolution. The gallery is also connected to a printing service if you would prefer hard copies of your photos.

Your gallery will remain online for up to 2 months after your session. You are free to visit your gallery as often as you like. If you decide you would like to purchase further images at a later date simply let me know.

If you want to see more examples of my work please visit the Headshots page of my website

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