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Auction House Review

I thought I would share will you the lovely words of feedback I recently received from Eleanor from the Auction House Essex & Kent team. The company wanted individual shots of their team members, plus a group shot, that they could use on social media, their website and other advertising. They found me on Google and then picked the Team Headshots package

as they felt this best suited their needs. As the team was larger than I am able to accommodate in my own studio, I organised hire of a larger local studio for the duration of the session.

The shoot took place on one of the hottest days of summer 2022 and, despite the heat and the need for some very noisy fans, we had a right laugh. They ended up choosing the more sensible shots but you should see some of the outtakes.

"Going through the process of sourcing a photographer appropriate for property, Clarissa stood out with her diverse range of style and creative flair amongst a host of contacts. We wanted photographs that were professional but showed our personalities, which Clarissa captured perfectly.

Clarissa was very easy and thorough with communication from our first initial conversation up until the end of the project. Clarissa worked with us to choose an appropriate setting and style suitable to our brand guidelines, which installed us with confidence and excitement.

We trusted Clarissa’s creative vision and was given the opportunity to share our ideas with her, which bundled together to produce some beautiful HD photographs. The editing process was thoughtful to our personal taste with a natural airbrushed effect.

Her bubbly persona made the whole process fun and comfortable. Not only did we receive wonderful photos, but we also gained a contact we trust and will most definitely recommend and go to again.

We’re proud to be featuring Film Free Photography in our next Auction House Magazine issue, along with our upgraded headshots.

Many thanks from the Auction House Essex & Kent team"

It was amazing that they have not only used the images on their website and in their magazine, but they also published an advert for my services to help me build my business.

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