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My most recent project was to put together a video for a local Foo Fighters tribute band.  They wanted to capture the energy of a live gig.  In this case they provided the sound although the crowd noise was mixed in from the video footage.

A promo montage for Angel & the Melodyhorns.  They played live at the Railway pub, Southend, as part of the lead singer Wendy's birthday celebrations.  The place was packed and the lighting was a massive challenge.  Not bad considering.

This is a little video that was put together in the studio.  The artist, Chris Robson, wanted it to have the feel of a live performance so both the sound and the pictures were recorded during the same session.

My first promo video.  It was for a local big band called The Real Swing who were performing at a charity ball.  My skills have improved a lot since then but it's not bad considering I was single handedly photographing and videoing at the same time.


The sound was recorded separately on a pro recorder located at the back of the room and then the video footage and sound files were mixed together to create a showreel video they could show to potential clients.  They were very happy with the result and it has helped to get them further work since.

The Real Swing again, this time performing as the interval act for a talent show.  Due to the size of the venue I wasn't able to move around or set up sound recording equipment so this is all done from a tripod and the sound is straight from the camera.


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