in Music

Moments in Music is a series of intimate portraits of musicians who perform regularly in and around the Southend area.  It was started in the summer of 2020 but subsequent restrictions and lockdowns meant that wasn't able to resume until April 2021; and the last image wasn't taken until June.

The aim of the project was to capture these normally outgoing musicians in a more  reflective, quiet moment.  I was keen to ensure that all the images had the same feel.  Asking all the models to wear black and keeping the studio dark with very simple lighting helps to unify the collection.  I wanted them to be slightly exposed so their personalities could shine through; no hiding behind musical instruments or microphones.

The final collection was exhibited at Create98 in Leigh-on-Sea between 1st and 23rd July 2021.

Janet Rook (Actor)
Shyanne O'Shea (Drag Queen)
Reis Daniel (Actor & Presenter)
Casey Hyams (Dancer, Actor & Singer)
Joanne Seymour (Actor)
Michelle Barrington (Actor & Producer)
Neil Duffield (Actor)
Samantha Anderson (Actor & Producer)
Rosie (Actor)